Mae pob polisi ar gael i rieni ar gais / All policies are available to parents on request.

Mae pob polisi ar gael i rieni ar gais.

All policies are available to parents on request.

Child Protection

Child Protection Policy

Attendance and Punctuality

Regular attendance and punctuality are vitally important and key to ensure the educational development of every child.

Read the Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Complaints Procedure

Under the law, each school must put a procedure in place to deal with complaints and make the procedure know to parents. The governors of Ysgol Tal-y-bont have adopted a new complaints procedure following new guidelines prepared recently by the Welsh Government.

If you feel unhappy about any aspect of of your child's life at school, then it is important that you read and follow the instructions in the complaints procedure. If you would like some help, or if you have any questions about complaints procedure, you can ask Miss Sioned Morris.

Read the Complaints Procedure

The school will do it's best to solve complaints in a fair way, however it also expects parents not to make unfair and vexatious complaints that may affect how efficient the school operates. The governors have also adopted a policy on vexatious complaints and unacceptable actions when making complaints through this procedure.

Read the Unacceptable Actions Policy


The school expects all pupils to behave in an appropriate way at all times and to show respect towards their fellow pupils and towards the school staff. No type of bullying will be tolerated.

Anti-Bullying Policy

The school also expects parents to behave in an appropriate way towards the school staff.

Parent Behaviour Policy

School's Letting Policy

If you would like to use the school outside school hours, read the guidelines in this document.

To make an application to use the schol buildings outside school hours, please complete this form.

Policy on Payment for school activities

Read the policy on payment for school activities (Bilingual document)